Global Multi-Disciplinary Consulting

Moonraker: A sail flown immediately above the skysail on top of the royal mast on large, square-rigged clipper ships. This sail enabled the ship’s master to achieve maximum performance under the prevailing conditions.

Effective Risk Management

Effectively preplanned operational policies and procedures along with well-developed products are the centerpiece for Resilience and Continuity of Operations in an enterprise. A successful program will reduce the frequency and severity of incidents, and the costs to an organization associated with response, recovery, lost productivity and liability. Effective risk management ensures that a company is not at a competitive disadvantage and, when optimized, can translate into competitive advantage within a particular industry.

9/11 Commission Final Report:

"Private sector preparedness is not a luxury; it is a cost of doing business in the post-9/11 world. It is ignored at a tremendous potential cost in lives, money, and in national security."

About Us

MoonRaker Associates (MRA) will Point the Way helping our clients achieve maximum performance. We focus on defining and developing solutions for challenges in both the public and private sectors. Built upon many years of operational experience in various fields, MoonRaker provides expertise from business development through operational deployment.

Our teams are typically brought in to help open new lines of business or reinvigorate existing initiatives. A new viewpoint and a new set of contacts may be the key to unlocking intrinsic value and business opportunities.


Aid the client in developing strategies which support their business focus and enhance core competency.

Strategy involves a series of actions to achieve a goal and entails answering questions such as:
What is going to be done? By whom? When? Where? How?

Recent Achievements

  • Acquired, delivered and placed in operation a VVIP airliner for a foreign head-of-state
  • Founded US-based aviation & logistics firm for foreign client
  • Secured operational assets required to meet global logistics needs
  • Active teaming on large US DOD proposals

Core Capabilities

  • Business development through written and personal presentations
  • Security and continuity of operations risk management
  • Maritime security and logistics expertise
  • Public speaking on security, aviation and operations
  • Enterprise resilient solution development and resource allocation
  • Strategic management of airlift operations in conflict areas
  • Professional interaction with management from leadership to interns